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Updating your school website with a CMS

All our school websites feature a powerful, yet simple to use CMS that allows multiple users to update the website in minutes. There are no programs to install, as long as your computer has an internet connection and an up to date web browser you are right to go!

Our CMS features 'in context' editing, fancy speak for making changes from the front end of your website. This makes it much easier and intuitive as you can see exactly what your modifying on the page. Once changes have been made to the page you can choose to apply them instantly or save a draft and make the updated page live at a later time.

Our school website also features time saving modules designed specifically with schools in mind:

Latest News - Add latest news stories to a new page automatically. All you need to do is add in the headline, photo and the main text. The module will automatically display the photo and headline on a list page and link to the article page.

Event Calendar - Enter your school events into our event calendar module. All school events will be dynamically displayed on the calendar with options to sort by categories, print a list of upcoming events. Important events can event be highlighted as "Feature events". Google calendar can also be imported into our event calendar.

Menu Builder - Add / remove or edit any web page in the menu builder and it is automatically applied across the website site-wide

Web Form Builder - Make a new web form for your website in minutes, all information will be captured in our CMS, export all the form data to excel making double data entry a thing of the past. Setup a notification to be emailed to the person responsible when someone completes a web form.

Home page slideshow - Change images and any marketing messages in a snap, keeping your school's website home page fresh and up to date.

e-Newsletter - Build an e-newsletter from our CMS, this unique feature will allow you to create e-newsletters and send them from our website CMS eliminating multiple programs.