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Elevate your school's marketing presence

A school's website is normally the first contact a prospective student or parent will have with your school. It is vital that a potential student has a very positive experience. Too often school websites present poorly leaving a bad first impression and can seriously harm your school's chances of picking up the student as an enrolment.

When considering updating you school's website we recommend you pay attention to the following points:

1.Present your school brand in a positive and consistent style

2.reduce clutter and un-necessary information on the home page. A website that has too much going on will cause the visitor to hit the back button

3.Pay close attention to your calls to action. Is it easy for the visitor to find the pages you want them to visit

4.Carefully consider your top level menu and the pages that are located under drop downs. Your website sitemap needs to be carefully planned and check it with different user groups to make sure information is ordered logically

5.Make sure content is up to date

6.Break up large amounts of text with subheadings and images, this allows the visitor to scan for the content they are interested in.

Working through the above list will take you a long way towards achieving the maximum marketing potential from your school's website.

Please view the examples below of good marketing websites for schools: